Longtin Consulting's concierge-level consultants go beyond helping clients create, preserve, and pass along their tangible parts of their lives (cash, stock, business interest, and personal property) in the most tax efficient manner. They also help to design family's legacies and how they will pass along their values, hopes, dreams, and intellectual capital.

Entrepreneurs, business owners and ultra high net worth individuals go to Longtin Consulting for convenience and freedom of choice in building their tailored income, capital gains, gift and estate tax reduction solutions. By listening to our clients and helping them to clearly identify their needs, goals, and objectives we have successfully incorporated their designs into their own customized solution.

Because our services are very unique and specialized to each individual client, we are limited to the number of new clients we can accept and service.

We work closely with most of our client's current professional advisors (including their CPAs and attorneys) at their request. We have also developed relationships with a network of advisors, CPAs and attorneys across the nation of which we have integrated into the process at the client's request. Our process focuses heavily on coordinating all advisory areas on behalf of each client.

Today Longtin Consulting blends client focused education and revelation throughout their process. This results in clients making sound decisions and taking an active role in the planning process.